Current Opportunities by Location


NISSC007 Senior  Network Engr (SAO3) CMAFS

NISSC010 Circuit Actions Support Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (CMAFS)

NISSC100 – Video Systems Maintenance (TM2) CMAFS

NISSC104 MDC Computer Operator (C02) CMAFS

NISSC106 NCC Senior  Network Engr (SAO3) CMAFS

NISSC107 CSG Help Desk Specialist (HDS3) CMAFS

NISSC108 Comm Tech Telecommunications Systems Analyst (TSA3) – CMAFS

NISSC111 Systems  Engineer – Senior (SE2)

NISSC112 Systems  Engineer – Journeyman (SE3)

NISSC115 Systems Authorization Practioner

NISSC200 SSG Computer Systems Technologist (NA3) CMAFS

NISSC300 Drafter_CAD Operator


Cyber Operations Formal Training – Technical Instructor_Developer

Hurlburt Field FL Cyber Operations Formal Training – Technical Instructor_Developer

Senior Active Directory Engineer

Senior Counterintelligence (CI) Analyst – Reahback

Senior Counterintelligence (CI) Support Specialist (CISS)

Senior Database Administrator

Senior SharePoint Administrator

Systems Engineer


GATES 24 Application Engineer

GATES 25 Senior Web Application Developer

GATES 29 Technical Support Engineer


Configuration Manager

RMF IA Security Analyst


Administrative Assistant 557th Weather Wing

All Source Intelligence Analyst AI-C

HBSS Analyst 557th Weather Wing

Information Assurance Analyst 557th Weather Wing

System Analyst 557th Weather Wing

USAMS012 Intelligence Planner_Analyst

USAMS Information Systems Security Manager

USAMS045 Intelligence Analyst


INSCOM 902nd Support Task Order_Language Enabled Intelligence Analysts


ITRSS101 DCGS Instructor Ft. Hood

Joint Base San Antonio TX  Cyber Operations Formal Training – Technical Instructor_Developer

USAMS101 OPSEC Cyber Security_Information Assurance Specialist

USAMS102 OPSEC Open Source Researcher

USAMS103 OPSEC Planners

USAMS104 OPSEC Operations  Proponent Support Member

USAMS105 OPSEC Support Team Members

Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

DCGS 101 Configuration Management Specialist

DCGS 102 Systems Analyst

DCGS 103 Systems Engineer – Journeyman

DCGS 104 Software Engineer  – Senior

DCGS 105 Data Management Specialist

DCGS 106 Administrative Assistant_Clerical 

DLA JETS001 IA Task Order Project Manager

DLA JETS002 IA Security Engineer

DLA JETS003 IA Policy Analyst


G3 IMCC IOC Shift –  Intelligence Operations and Requirements Shift Lead & Manager

G3 IMCC IOC – Senior Intelligence and Operations Technical_Site Lead

GEOAxIS00 Software Engineer

GEOAxIS001 Sys Admin_Help Desk Specialist

GEOAxIS02 Staff Software Engineer

GEOAxIS03 Consumer Integration Team Software Engineer

GEOAxIS407 Information Insurance Engineer

GEOAxIS403 Systems Engineer

GEOAxIS402 Consumer Integrator

GEOAxIS401 Tier 3 Software Engineer

GEOAxIS400 Software Developer

GEOAxIS404 Test Lead

GEOAxIS406 Operations, Deployment, and Infrastructure Support (ODIS) Engineer

GEOAxIS405 Consumer Integrator – Consumer Engagement

Requirements Analyst

System Integrator