General Information

E&M’s goal is to become a technology partner with its customers to robust, cost-effective systems and solutions that create business value and assist government managers in dealing with the challenges of increasing their organization’s efficiency in the face of ever-shrinking budgets and manpower pools.  We possess substantial technical expertise in all information technology areas applicable to both commercial and government environments, and we employ motivated, top-notch professionals with a deep understanding and appreciation for how government agencies operate.

E&M’s core capabilities of Biometrics, Public Key Infrastructure, and Social Media are well known in their respective fields.  E&M’s technical service capabilities span the entire spectrum of full life cycle systems development and integration: from strategic planning; requirements and business analysis; developing, designing, integrating, installing, testing, and training; to operating and maintaining systems.  Our technical service capabilities are fully utilized in the physical and logical access arena as well as in intelligence and cybersecurity.  We offer specific business and technical expertise including: business process reengineering; systems engineering; Internet and intranet applications development; data engineering; network and telecommunications engineering; computer security, operations research, economic analysis and econometrics, and electronic data interchange.

Experience and Expertise
E&M has extensive experience in national and international security affairs.  We are a known leader in the field of risk assessment, threat evaluation, and risk mitigation for the United States against all hazards and we are skilled in building superior performing teams in the areas of: military tactical operations, training, tactical and strategic operational planning, research, general administration, and maintenance.  We have known expertise in biometrics and public key infrastructure.  E&M is an active partner with other innovative leaders in technology and is engaged in pioneering activities offering exciting promises for new biometric and security technologies, products and services.  This expertise, coupled with more than twenty-five years experience in system engineering, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and Government Off the Shelf (GOTS) products and systems, and integration, provides E&M with unparalleled technical qualifications.

Our staff of educated and skilled employees is qualified to support a wide-range of functional areas that include: personnel, finance, logistics, acquisition, electronic commerce, outsourcing, installations, management, environment and natural resources, biometrics, security, cybersecurity, public key infrastructure, physical and logical access solutions and case load management.  Our staff deliver leading edge, high-quality, innovative solutions to complex technology challenges.