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The evening the tornado traveled from Edson, north through Bird City will be etched in my mind forever. I remember the smell of cedar trees, followed by an sudden calm, then a drenching rain and a 15 degree temperature swing. That sent me to the basement. When I gathered enough courage to look outside I saw the huge funnel northeast of town.


Right over a family members farm and I knew the only hope they had was a loving God. As always, He was with us that evening. Four very special families lost their homes that night but nobody was killed, or even injured. The volunteer fire department drove throughout the country checking on people since the telephone and power lines were out. What touched my heart the most came the next morning. As the sun was rising on a quiet, peaceful morning, each site had a huge turnout to help clean up and start rebuilding. Homes were opened, food was prepared, and equipment & labor showed up without anyone asking for anything in return. That storm showed me how fragile our lives are and how much I need Gods love and guidance. I also realized that there are many wonderful people on His planet but the best of them are right here in Bird City.

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