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Web Design with Class is all about passion.  My passion is serving Christ and one way the Lord has allowed me to do that is by helping businesses, ministries, churches, and individuals have excellence on the Internet without breaking the budget.  Your web site often provides the first input interested parties receive about your organization.  You may have the best business or church in the world but, if you lose visitors before they reach your front door, they’ll never know.  My goal is to insure that the excellence visitors see in your web site is equal to the passion they’ll feel when they take the next step and contact you directly.

Web Design with Class can…

  • Create a new web site or update your current site.
  • Design pages in WordPress, html, Flash, or any combination of both.
  • Set up a low cost hosting plan and a domain name.
  • Set up frequently changing pages so that you can update them yourself.
  • Provide analytics to profile your visitors at your existing site and evaluate how to better reach those visitors.

Links to sample sites, costs, and contact information are available above. Look them over and then click on the contact link to request a free consultation.

James Claassen

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