From the Desk of Our President

From the inception of our small business, E&M has remained dedicated to the highest level of professionalism, ethics, excellence, customer value, leadership, teamwork and integrity. We continue to demonstrate these values in our commitment to our nation, the warfighter and the information technology communities. We worked closely with our government counterparts and contractor organizations in the defense industry to provide these excellent qualities.

From our experiences, we learn to measure our value based on our ability to deliver total ownership cost savings from concept to combat and beyond. We share this goal with our teammates, along with our desire to provide a single, trusted responsive and responsible team that promotes synergy, creative thinking and share this same vision for success.

E&M possesses the unique expertise, character, and commitment to meet and exceed the customer’s strategic and tactical goals on any scale. Furthermore, E&M provides the experience, personnel, approach, and the tools to achieve the best overall value. Our commitment to customer satisfaction demonstrates we can complete engineering tasks on time, schedule and budget while meeting performance requirements.