E&M’s capabilities provide mechanisms to become a technology partner with its customers to provide robust, cost-effective systems that create business value and assist government managers in dealing with the challenges of increasing their organization’s efficiency in the face of ever-shrinking budgets and manpower pools. We possess substantial technical expertise in information technology (IT) areas applicable to both commercial and the government environments.

E&M’s core capabilities are in biometrics, public key infrastructure (PKI), identity and access management and social media. The company specializes in systems engineering and design, IT engineering and support, cyber security, identity management services, training, research and development, social media, biometrics, avatar technologies and information sharing and collaboration.

Our size and structure provide services and solutions that meet the customer’s requirements by leveraging trusted relationships, informal networks, and technological capabilities within the cultural landscape to cut through the information clutter to pinpoint the actionable information that will directly and positively influence end state solution.

Identity & Access Management


Physical Access

Logical Access

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Social Media

Information Technology


Program Management


Systems Engineering

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Intelligence and National Security Support Services