As a biometrics services and product solutions firm, E&M offers engineering capabilities to provide you with tailored solutions for your biometric authentication needs.

The areas of biometrics and forensics center on concepts related to identity, and both are an integral and growing part of the security and law enforcement landscape. E&M continues to work to develop new technologies and techniques in these areas, and has world-class expertise ready to tackle your challenges.  E&M Tech has the ability to help you evaluate, design, and develop interoperable solutions using:


• Multi-modal technologies
• Fusion Techniques/Technologies
• Collection/Storage/Match
• Identification and Verification
• Standards Development
• Forensics Analysis
• Associated algorithms

Our team will define and design biometric authentication solutions to meet your requirements that will provide the best performance and most cost effective solution.

Additionally, E&M will provide enterprise solutions services to integrate authentication for verification (1:1) and/or identification (1:N) at any level.  The resulting systems and services will be based on the most cost effective technology that meets your unique specifications.