Identity & Access Management

E&M provides Identity and Access Management solutions to the United States Government.  Identity Management and Identity and Access Management are terms that are used interchangeably.  While Identity Management is usually used in reference to IT Security, Identity and Access Management covers the whole gamut of this field.  The technologies, services, and terms related to Identity Management include: public key infrastructure, smart card technologies, biometrics, active directory, web services, access control, digital identities, password management, single sign-on, security tokens, workflows and role based access control.

E&M offers 5 main solutions that provide a comprehensive Identity & Access Management capability.  These five solutions are the core to E&M’s services and products.

As a biometrics services and product solutions firm, E&M offers engineering capabilities to provide you with tailored solutions for your biometric authentication needs.

E&M addresses logical access requirements by providing novel ways of validating the identity of a person at the console that focuses on the unique aspects of the individual.

E&M has proven experts, services and solutions for securing bases and stations across the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of physical access requirements.

E&M provides services and solutions to support the DoD’s public key infrastructure, personal identity verification, personal identity verification interoperable and commercial identity verification requirements.

E&M analyzes, utilizes, and transforms cutting edge Social Media technologies & data and combines it with insights from Biology, Economics,  and Computer Science, in order to provide its clients with tailored solutions that help them understand and optimize social media.