Physical Access

E&M Tech has proven experts, services and solutions for securing bases and stations across the Department of Defense (DoD).  Using DoD-required technologies and standards, E&M provides services from requirements analysis, architecture to development in support of physical security.

Many Agencies and Services are taking steps to simplify physical access control of personnel at DoD installations and facilities by using the Common Access Card (CAC) as the principal access credential.

E&M is ready and available to assist with this requirement.  Our physical security services and solutions incorporate current policy and implement requirements to address:

• DoD 5200.08R
• AT/FP Requirements
• Installation and Building Access Control
• PAC Systems
• Policy Objectives
• Rapid Authentication
• All-Hazards Risk Management
• Threat, Risk, & Vulnerability Assessments
• Use of Biometrics
• Use of Smart card technology (PIV, PIV-I, CIV)
• Physical Security Services
• Anti-terrorism/Force Protection