E&M 076 Senior System Software Analyst

Location: Charlottesville, VA
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:

Required Experience/Education:

  • System characteristics and software algorithms related to radar systems
  • Software algorithms related to cryptography and radio frequency hopping, battlefield management, and communication and jammer systems
  • Signals analyst to assess C4 signals and protocols
  • System characteristics and software algorithms related to unmanned and vehicle systems
  • Logic designs and implementation for FPGAs
  • Penetration testing
  • Specific operating systems such as Windows, Linux, QNX, or others
  • Knowledge of multiple software programing languages (C++, python, and assembly at a minimum)
  • Experience in researching, creating, developing, and delivering professional briefings, multimedia presentations, and written reports
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical or computer engineering, computer science, or directly related field of study

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