E&M 135 Senior Intelligence Trainer (SME IV)

Location: Fort Bragg, NC
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:

Position Requirements:

  • Serves as the Senior Subject Matter Expert who facilities execution of brigade level Intelligence certification events encompassing the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE), Mission Rehearsal Exercises, and other specialized exercises as required
  • Provide liaison and direct support to the INSCOM Brigade Commander and Senior Intelligence Officer (SIO) responsible for generating an operational environment for unit training exercises, assisting and mentoring in the overall planning and delivery of the exercise
  • In conjunction with conventional force maneuver and other war fighting function planners, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes, and prepares doctrinally and grammatically correct exercise control products. Documents include, but are not limited to, Intelligence Portions of Operation Orders (OPORDs), Warning Orders (WARNORDs), Fragmentary Orders (FRAGORDs), Scenario Scripted Events, Combat Instructions and other tactical and exercise control Intelligence related products.
  • Assists in providing the necessary military direction and guidance within which the Brigade will conduct the Intelligence components of its planning.
  • Assist in HICON in issuance of orders and collecting appropriate reports from the training unit in the execution of planning and training
  • Assist in maintaining the integrity of the scenario, ensuring synchronization between the HICON and O/C/T during staffing processes and exercise execution
  • During CTC and major exercises, serves as the Intelligence representative in a replicated HICON element, as well as advising Intelligence Soldiers serving in similar HICON roles

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