E&M 247 High Band System Software Support- Intermediate_VA

Location: Langley AFB, VA
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:

Position Requirements:

  • Manages/supports HBS SW and processes
  • Provides system administration for GCP (CETS, MSCS, RIM, SEAM, and SDE) SW
  • Maintains all HBS SW to operate and interface with multiple sensors, sites and systems
  • Provides HBS technical and engineering SW support
  • Responds to HBS Incident tickets
  • Performs system administration support to the PCPAD process
  • Provides comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and fault isolation for HBS SW/systems associated with ground components
  • Supports SRM or MT in comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and fault isolation for the system/sensors and associated SIGINT End-to-End network paths
  • HBS SME that provides sustainment support during system upgrades
  • Provides HBS process and data link improvements/recommendations
  • Supports data encryption changes and implementation
  • Supports SIGINT post upgrade efforts IAW tech data, TTPs, and OIs. Provides OJT to AFP and identifies sustainment support improvements that reduce logistics footprint
  • Pre-mission responsibilities
  • Supports SRM or MT for HBS readiness, system/mission configuration relative to the sensor or communications link
  • Supports HBS pre-mission tasks (system reboots, ground rings, etc.)
  • Mission execution responsibilities
  • Provides HBS real-time assistance/support to the SRM or MT, maintainers, operators and users
  • Collects HBS information for the mission debrief
  • Post-mission responsibilities
  • Evaluates HBS anomalies such as maintenance actions and Incident tickets
  • Submits HBS Incident tickets and performs maintenance actions as required
  • Provides HBS information for mission debrief to SRM or MT

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