INSCOM 1st IO 031 Blue Team Cyber Defense Engineer

Location: Ft Belvoir, VA
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:

E&M is actively seeking a Blue Team Cyber Defense Engineer in support of the INSCOM 1st IO.  The 1st IO CMD provides Information Operations support to Army and other Military Forces through deployable support teams, reach back planning and analysis, and specialized training in order to support freedom of action in the information environment, to deny the same to our adversaries.


Technical Task Order (TTO): Provide Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), Tools, and Software Development, Integration and Test (SDIT) services for the IT enterprise systems engineering lifecycle of 1st IO CMD Networks and Mission Information Systems (MIS), including those networks/MIS designated for 1st IO CMD operations, mission deployments, training exercises and system development computing environments (CE).  The work performed under this TTO enables the INSCOM/1st IO CMD the ability to deliver outstanding technical support and world-class technical delivery to several Brigade and Battalion-level Stakeholder Mission Networks, MIS, CEs, Mission Equipment and Engagement Platforms.

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