IOSS 003 MRX Role Player

Location: Ft Belvoir, VA
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:


  • Conducts all-source analytic production of sociocultural elements within a region, human terrain, and human geography. Analysis includes, but is not limited, to religious, linguistic, ethnic, social, tribal, and occupational domains with respect to geography and resources to characterize the dynamics of groups of people worldwide.
  • Incorporates expertise sociology, cultural anthropology, demography, psychology, geography, economics, and political science.
  • Conduct Long-Range, Mid-Range, and Short-Range planning, mission analysis and execution of the MDMP
  • Conduct coordination and communication within the Command and other agencies
  • Develop and produce exercise related calendars
  • Develop and produce decision briefs
  • Monitor exercise program
  • Develop situation reports
  • Review emerging doctrine

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