IOSS 005 Computer Exploitation Engineer VAD RED

Location: Ft Belvoir, VA
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:


  • Conducts all-source analytic production of future and current leading-edge technologies and their military applications worldwide.
  • Projects the discovery, development, and deployment of advanced technologies and their potential impact on U.S. forces worldwide.
  • Provides risk assessments on the transfer and diversion of defense and dual-use U.S. technologies and assesses national security implications associated with foreign involvement in critical U.S. defense technology and defense sectors.
  • Produces intelligence for the U.S. National, Defense and Acquisition Communities.
  • Conducts all-source analysis to identify, exploit, and assess potential threats, transfer, and vulnerabilities to defense supply chains.
  • Assess computer network defense and information assurance in support of customer organizations.
  • Provide certified and experienced vulnerability assessment analysts to conduct off-site system vulnerability, network architecture, policy and procedure, application, and system integrity reviews.
  • Assist with development and maintenance of red team detachment assessment methods, tools, and techniques.
  • Perform code review in order to find vulnerabilities.
  • Perform protocol and input fuzzing in order to find vulnerabilities.
  • Perform analysis of disassembled code when source code is unavailable.
  • Develop exploits based on identified vulnerabilities.
  • Recommend fixes and mitigation for identified vulnerabilities.
  • Create/maintain adversary emulation toolsets/development.
  • Contribute to technical and executive summaries of Red Team missions.

Document tools, techniques, processes, and procedures

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