IOSS 008 AIOC S2 All Source Intelligence Analyst

Location: Ft Belvoir, VA
Requirements: Top Secret Clearance

Job Description:


  • Conducts all-source analytic production of sociocultural elements within a region, human terrain, and human geography.
  • Analysis includes, but is not limited, to religious, linguistic, ethnic, social, tribal, and occupational domains with respect to geography and resources to characterize the dynamics of groups of people worldwide.
  • Incorporates expertise sociology, cultural anthropology, demography, psychology, geography, economics, and political science.
  • Intel preparation of the environment
  • Create IO Notes, white papers
  • Create weekly IO highlights and IO country overviews
  • Brief supporting working groups, training, conferences and seminars
  • Maintain liaison with counterparts in the open source community, the Intelligence community, and in other agencies and organizations
  • Utilize tools, databases, and websites to collect and analyze data and information, and maintain proficiency on all tools, software, and databases
  • Perform analysis and research tasks as required to acquire, produce, and prepare open source reports
  • Utilize any other software required by the government

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