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Partnerships are critical to success, and we value our partners. Whether as a Prime, Sub or other, E&M is ready to work with you.

We have some fantastic partnerships, prime, sub and blended. A rising tide lifts all ships. Check us out and if you think we might be able to help you win a contract, deliver a service or discuss some options; email or call us.

Services & Capabilities

From Defense Intelligence to Cybersecurity, we teach, train, work and help our clients succeed with the highest marks.

Every day, our staff is on task somewhere around the globe supporting a mission. Whether its Defense Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Identity Management or Cybersecurity, our team has the experienced to handle the job.


Technology, Identity Management, Instructors, DoD, Cyber, Admin & Support. You can fill out our online application, or leave your own resume’

We are always hiring the right people, don’t see a job you like, leave a resume anyway, any format is fine. We’ll keep it on file and if we find a position you may like, we’ll reach out. But, just to be sure, check in now and again.

Some things you might not expect

Proprietary Facial Recognition software, Big Data Architecture, Pre-Deployment Training, Training for Private Investigators, Classes for Sales Personnel, Drones and more.

Intelligence and National Security Support Services

Cyber Security & Information Assurance


Systems Engineering

Information Technology

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Identity & Access Management


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