Information and Sensor Dominance

E&M is committed to supporting Multi Domain Operations by providing technologies in development of new weapon and command and control systems. In the face of determined adversaries and accelerating technological advances, we must transform today to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Future conflicts will manifest at longer range, across all domains, and at much great speed, both physical and cognitive. This bold transformation will provide the Joint Force with the range, speed, and convergence of cutting edge technologies that will be needed to provide future decision dominance and overmatch required to win the next fight.

Multi Domain Operations Capabilities


Aerial PED

Battlefield dominance has moved to exploiting platform and sensor information and getting vital intelligence to the shooters. Our team of processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) experts support our Joint, USAF, and U.S. Army customers to analyze data from originating aerial platforms and accurately depicting actions on the objective. Our team of experts understand Multi-Domain Sensor Systems operating in the air domain and analyzing manned and unmanned aerial systems capable of operating at high and medium altitudes while utilizing various geospatial, full-motion video and technical intelligence sensors to identify targets and advanced signals deep in enemy territory and drive long-range precision targeting.


Information Operations

E&M performed Information Operations since 2014 for 1st IO Command, Joint Operations Intelligence Centers, and Air Operations Center for our DoD Customers. Our team consists of IO Planners, OSINT Research Analysts, All Source Analysts, MRX Planners, as well as CNO and Cyber experts. We take pride analyzing strategic and tactical information about an adversary as well as the dissemination of propaganda in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent.  Our knowledge of IO helps to enable, enhance, and protect the commander’s decision making cycle while influencing an opponent’s. This is accomplished through effective intelligence, battle command, and C2W operations as an integral part of joint, combined, or interagency operations.



Our Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) analysts provide scientific and technical information obtained by quantitative and qualitative analysis of data (metric, angle, spatial, wavelength, time dependence, modulation, plasma, and hydromagnetic) derived from specific technical sensors for the purpose of identifying any distinctive features associated with the source, emitter, or sender and to facilitate subsequent identification and/or measurement of the same. We employ experts in RADINT, NUCINT, LASINT, IRINT and other disciplines in this field.



E&M has established an experienced team of prior Special Operations Forces members who assist our customers in country assessments, military forces analysis, isolation planning, exercise support, mission analysis, and deployment objectives for our USSOCOM, USASOC, and Special Forces Groups. We understand Foreign Internal Defense missions, Unconventional Warfare techniques, Strategic Reconnaissance, and other critical aspects in support of our world’s finest. De Oppresso Liber!