E&M Technologies, Inc. is almost always hiring. We have opportunities from entry level to subject matter expert. E&M offers very competitive salaries and has one of the highest retention rates in the industry. Our staff of education and skilled employees is qualified to support a wide range of functional areas that include:

  • Cybersecurity (Digital Trust, Offensive & Defensive Tactics, Strategy & Risk, and Threat Management)
  • Digital Modernization (Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics Forensics, Cloud Computing, and DevSecOps)
  • Enterprise IT Services (Architecture, Maintenance & Sustainment, Network Operations, and Program Protection)
  • Intelligence (Advanced Analytics, Education & Training, Multi-Int SMEs, and Target Exploitation)
  • Mission Support (C4ISR, Communication Systems, Data Science, and Systems & Software Engineering)
  • Multi Domain Operations (Aerial PED, Information Operations, Space Operations, and SOF)