Who We Are

About E&M Technologies, Inc.

Since 2005, the talented people at E&M Technologies, Inc. (E&M) have been providing Cybersecurity, Digital Modernization, Enterprise Information Technology, Intelligence, Mission Support, and Multi Domain Operations services to our Military, Government, and Private Business sectors. Mission success is certain because our staff are Subject Matter Experts in their fields. It is this level of excellence combined with “structured agility” and strong partnerships that is a prevailing theme for how we deliver top tier services and customer satisfaction. E&M strives to offer value-oriented solutions to meet the needs of our clients without reducing any level of service. E&M is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with offices in Reston, Virginia and Seattle, Washington.

Critical to our success has always been our partnership and support to the U.S. Government and Military Services. E&M leverages trusted partners, relationships, informal networks, and technological capabilities within the cultural landscape to cut through red tape and information clutter to pinpoint the actionable information that will directly and positively influence a best practices outcome. Our vision is born from hands-on, operational experience from around the globe, in both permissive and not-so-permissive military environments.

Our Values

We are driven by passion – passion to energize, engage and inspire collaborative, critical, and innovative ideas and solutions to complex and exciting programs of strategic importance.

We strive for consistent, open, honest, ethical, and genuine engagements with our customers to accomplish their mission requirements.  We celebrate the best ideas and solutions, no matter where they come from, and build upon them together recognizing that how we work is as important to our people as to what we accomplish.  We want to stretch beyond boundaries to enhance capabilities achieving cost savings with no risk.

 We are committed to exceptional talent, career advancement, a flexible work environment, and tangible and intangible benefits that make E&M a great place to build a career. E&M employees are integrators, collaborators, and problem solvers who exemplify our values every day.

Our Culture

Our goal is to create a culture of honesty and integrity that includes a deep respect for our customer’s mission and hold ourselves accountable to provide the best in all we achieve. Our team is committed to challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and make a difference in our communities in which we live with courage and dignity.

Our History

  • 05 MAY 2005
    E&M Was Founded
    • E&M was founded out of a single vision to provide biometrics architectural expertise to the Department of Defense
  • SEPT 2005
    E&M Awarded First Contract
    • E&M obtained its first contract to provide biometrics expertise to OSD P&R, DMDC.
  • JUL 2006
    E&M Expands to Overseas
    • E&M's first contract was expanded to include overseas services in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • SEP 2007
    E&M Wins First IDIQ
    • GSA Schedule 70 allowed E&M to expand its portfolio into IT Services.
  • MAR 2012
    E&M Expands Portfolio
    • E&M expanded its portfolio to include Enterprise IT Services and Program Management.
  • SEP 2013
    E&M Reaches the Midwest
    • E&M moved into the Midwest to integrate into Space and Missile Defense Command and Control landing a contract with the US Air Force providing Enterprise IT Services to Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson AFB.
  • SEP 2013
    E&M Wins Second IDIQ
    • E&M is awarded INSCOM GISS, the first Intelligence IDIQ for E&M.
  • MAR 2014
    E&M Opens Midwest Office
    • E&M opens an office in Colorado Springs to support our efforts within the US Air Force.
  • JUL 2014
    E&M Begins Entrance Into the IC
    • E&M begins its entrance into the Intelligence Community by providing exercise training to the US Army and first award off INSCOM GISS
  • DEC 2015
    E&M Earns First $1M
    • E&M makes its first $1M in revenue focusing on Biometrics, Enterprise IT Services, and Intelligence
  • MAR 2017
    E&M Opens Office in Reston, VA
    • E&M opens its office in Reston, Virginia to support our east cost contracts.
  • MAY 2017
    E&M CEO, Jean Schultz Awarded SmartCEO Brava Award
    • SmartCEO awarded our CEO, Jean Schultz, the 2017 Brava Award, honoring her as the top female CEO in Washington, D.C.
  • MAR 2018
    E&M Awarded First Prime Contract
    • E&M is awarded its first prime contract at the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) providing systems engineering, cyber, and biometrics support.
  • MAY 2019
    MAY 2020
    INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies
    • E&M is recognized by INC in 2019 as INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US coming in at #134.

      E&M is once again recognized in 2020 by INC as INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US coming in at #1574. E&M was also recognized as #78 Fastest Growing Companies in Virginia, #78 Fastest Growing Companies in Government Services, and #91 Fastest Growing Companies in Washington, D.C.
  • DEC 2020
    E&M Tops $10M
    • E&M closes out the year topping $10M in revenue.
  • OCT 2021
    E&M Recognized for Mobile Training Capabilities
    • E&M was recognized for their Mobile Training Capabilities in the Intelligence Community meeting the needs of the Warfighter.
  • AUG 2022
    E&M Performs on Critical Space Force Programs
    • 30% of E&M's personnel provide support to critical United States Space Force and Missile Defense missions.
  • DEC 2023
    E&M Top $20M
    • E&M closes out the year topping $20M in revenue.