Digital Modernization

Go Beyond Data Capture

E&M partners with our DoD customers supporting their Digital Modernization Strategy ensuring that our Cyber, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and C3 innovations increase technological capabilities across the global spectrum and strengthen overall adoption of enterprise systems to expand and the competitive space in the digital arena. We will achieve this through their four strategic initiatives: innovation for advantage, optimization, resilient cybersecurity, and cultivation of talent. This approach will enable increased lethality for the Joint Warfighter, empower new partnerships that will drive mission success, and implement new reforms enacted to improve capabilities across the information enterprise.

Digital Modernization Capabilities


Artificial Intelligence

E&M realized the importance of artificial intelligence to our future. We believe in a three prong approach combining cloud migration, data integrity, and utilizing AI as a key differentiator for global technology advancement. The advancement of handheld platforms, digital assistants, auto correcting software, and importance of employing commercial AI technologies to our government customers is vital for the future.


Biometrics Forensics

Our CEO founded E&M on her biometrics expertise and future vision of this sector. E&M continues to support forensic biometrics for our DoD, DHS, and government customers utilizing fingerprint, facial, voice, and iris recognition technology confirming a person’s identity, understanding behavior patterns, and forecasting events/actions supporting force protection programs.


Cloud Computing

Our commitment to increasing cloud solutions for our customers allows flexibility and securely migrating data to cloud-hosted, on-premises, and hybrid designed architectures. E&M implements cloud computing technology for our customers providing cost benefits, global scalability, performance and productivity metrics, reliability and on demand speed implementation.



E&M continues to be a premier provider of Agile DevSecOps methodology for our customers as part of their current system modernization. Our experts automate the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle. From our initial design through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery, we deliver better and more-secure code faster, passing these savings to the government.