Secure Today for your Future

Cybersecurity is important to our company, our customers, and our nation. Our experts focus on protecting and securing access to critical sensitive data including personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property, as well as proprietary government and industry information systems. As the footprint of connectivity between physical and digital systems expands, so does the cyber threat landscape. Our mission is to provide and implement cybersecurity measures ensuring that your critical information is not compromised nor breached, disrupting mission operations. E&M focuses on 4 key security pillars including digital trust, offensive and defensive tactics, strategy and risk analysis, and threat management.

Cybersecurity Capabilities


Digital Trust

E&M employs digital trust ensuring that in our digital space, our information is reliable, credible, and secure allowing for our organization to have long term success and partnerships in business. When you work with us, you can assure your data is safe and that our partners identities and information are protected from attacks and outside vulnerabilities. Our experts analyze the future of digital trust in our society and economy applying the cybersecurity best practices and strong strategies.


Offensive & Defensive Tactics

Our Cyber professionals employ both offensive and defensive tactics for our DoD customers. We understand the importance of a proactive and adversarial approach to protect computer systems, networks, and data from attacks and critical infrastructure compromise. We implement offensive security measures focused on exploiting perpetrators and stopping disruptive operations. Our defensive abilities prevent cyber attacks from infecting computer systems and devices by anticipating adversarial cyber actions and intrusions.


Strategy & Risk

Implementation of cyber strategy and minimizing risks to our customers is what our company does for the most critical DoD Programs. Our experts implement the RID model so that we can quickly detect, aggregate, analyze, identify, and respond to cyber security attacks for our customers. This includes the network, logical, and physical environment that protect an organization’s data and assets. Taking into account the technical element of cybersecurity means conducting regular network penetration tests, access control reviews, and physical security assessments.


Threat Management

E&M security teams face information fragmentation, which can lead to blind spots in security operations. And wherever they exist, blind spots compromise a team’s ability to identify, protect, and respond to security threats promptly. Today’s dangers now include mutating software, advanced persistent threats (APT), insider threats, and vulnerabilities around cloud-based computing services — more than antivirus software can handle. Enhanced with automation and informed by AI, a cyber threat management system can help counter today’s advanced attacks by cybercriminals. It gives security teams the visibility they need to succeed.