Kevin Grose

Vice President of Defense Sectors

Kevin Grose is our Vice President of Defense Sectors and is responsible for identifying innovative streams of business revenue, supporting the Intelligence and Special Operations Communities, and growing our education and training programs. Kevin also supports our Multi Domain Operations (MDO) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) business areas.

Kevin served 22 years as a Defense Intelligence Agency and Active Duty, Army Counterintelligence Agent (CW3) and has over 35 years Military Intelligence experience. He has held numerous leadership positions, including: Senior Advisor to DoD Executive Staff, Resident Office, SAIC, DODIIS Global Enterprise Manager, Principal and Sales Lead to several Defense Contractors. He led several, congressionally funded, university-based R&D projects aimed at identifying and mitigating security and cyber vulnerabilities in sensitive DoD data centers.

Kevin has a B.S. in Russian Studies and a minor in Criminal Justice. He attended the Defense Language Institute where he learned to speak Russian, Polish, and Serbo-Croatian.

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